SKF Bearing Stainless Steel

Partspak part no: ILA03-0004887-10
Compatible OEM Ref: 5125075 3160600152 3160600125 CM06005034 T520-0035 3160600115

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Compatible Brand


Product Group

Mechanical Replacement Parts

Product Type

Bearings-Bushes-Rod-ends UJ's

Machine Type


Model Range

Delta Vegatronic

Model Name

D3000, Delta 2000 LD, VT1000, VT2000OF, VT5000, VT6000

Item Weight

0.0241 kg

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Rear hot roller B H12 Carrera

Partspak part no: ILA31-0007570-10
Compatible OEM Ref: 2740203079, 2740203011 - if used with ILA31-0007570-10
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Rod End

Rod End

Partspak part no: ILA03-0006394-10
Compatible OEM Ref: 3620501018
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Base with socket

Base with socket

Partspak part no: ILA04-0005198-04
Compatible OEM Ref: 4150138002 + 4150153002
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