Yamato® weigh actuator repair


Ensure your weigh actuators are running accurately and efficiently. PartsPak repair teams work with a dedicated inventory of components to provide a fast, fully certified service for Yamato® weigh actuator repairs.

Repair service includes:

  • Certified testing procedure
  • Condition evaluation and reporting
  • Calibration and certification
  • Repairs by experienced technicians
  • Replacement of all key parts
  • Verified repair
  • Flexible shipping options

Benefits include:

  • Optimised OEE performance
  • Increased production line uptime
  • Improved maintenance scheduling
  • Improved resource management
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Maintain accuracy
  • Avoid zero drift errors
  • Ensure packs are not underweight
  • Reduce expensive product giveaway

Repair service also available for control boards, including EV206, EV207EV208 and EV211 boards.


Get more information or a no obligation assessment of your Yamato weigh actuator. Send us your details here and we’ll get straight back to you. Can’t wait? Contact your local team:

UK | +44 (0)1603 856 730 | contactus@partspak.eu
USA | +1 (267) 691-3600 | contactus@partspak.us
France | +33 01 64 70 78 44 | contactus@partspak.eu
Italy | +39 340 830 1496 | contattaci@partspak.eu
Germany | +49 202 38486999 | kontakt@partspak.eu

We also offer an exchange service if you need a replacement sooner. Let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss.


Get the brochure

The features of our actuator repair service are extensive. Download the PartsPak Actuator repair brochure to find out more:

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Download English (USA) brochure

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